A tool to query what crates, versions and features are available to you by installing packages on a Debian-based system where dependencies are packaged as librust-*-dev. This is helpful when you have configured cargo to use only local packages.


apticrate itself requires no dependencies beyond the Rust standard library but it does rely on apt-cache and dpkg being available in your PATH. It may be run as an ordinary user.

Run the program with a filter as a parameter, or with no parameter to list all Rust crates. For example:

$ apticrate struct
struct-patch 0.4.1              --         librust-struct-patch-dev
struct-patch-derive 0.4.1       --         librust-struct-patch-derive-dev
structmeta 0.2.0                --         librust-structmeta-dev
structmeta-derive 0.2.0         --         librust-structmeta-derive-dev
structopt 0.3.26                installed  librust-structopt-dev
  deps for feat "color"         --         librust-structopt+color-dev
  deps for feat "debug"         --         librust-structopt+debug-dev
  deps for feat "default"       installed  librust-structopt+default-dev
  deps for feat "doc"           --         librust-structopt+doc-dev
  deps for feat "no_cargo"      --         librust-structopt+no-cargo-dev
  deps for feat "suggestions"   --         librust-structopt+suggestions-dev
  deps for feat "wrap_help"     --         librust-structopt+wrap-help-dev
  deps for feat "yaml"          --         librust-structopt+yaml-dev
structopt-derive 0.4.18         installed  librust-structopt-derive-dev
synstructure 0.12.3             installed  librust-synstructure-dev
  deps for feat "proc-macro"    installed  librust-synstructure+proc-macro-dev
synstructure_test_traits 0.1.0  --         librust-synstructure-test-traits-dev


First ensure you have a Rust toolchain installed, either by installing the package rust-all or by using rustup. The fossil package is also required to check out.

fossil clone https://src.1.21jiggawatts.net/apticrate
cd apticrate
cargo install --path .


apticrate is released under the MIT licence. See LICENCE for details.


Feel free to send any questions or feedback via email: tk@1.21jiggawatts.net